The Chocopie, a major venture under Doorstepshoppee Services Pvt. Ltd. for serving nutritious and hygienic food to the students and staff of educational institutes. It also serves meals to the students residing in the campus. As in this era of competition students have to study from early morning to late nights. During studies students need to be energized all time and hunger can strike at any point so we provide healthy and hygienic food at doorstep of hostels. Aiming to heal the hunger and not to earn large profits our venture sole objective is to provide best quality food rather than high margin products is appropriate to restrict unhealthy food in an educational setting. The chocopie also plays an important role within the broader educational environment – that of reinforcing knowledge, skills and behaviors about healthy eating and lifestyle.


This venture is for almost all the vehicles users, whether 2 wheeler or 4 wheelers.
It’s quite casual that vehicles start malfunctioning in the middle of no-where… and without any support. To solve this problem, Doorstepshoppee Services Private Limited came with a solution to provide information about the mechanic of the selected area, when you are in a situation (Through its app). vYou can select type of vehicle and location on the app and then you may get contact details of mechanic, he too will be notified about your location. Hence you will get support instantly
This venture is very useful for the people who are busy in working hours and no one to take their vehicle to service center or for washing. You may call concern person from app and the service you want…Hence you enjoy working in your office and your vehicle will return to your home well finished!


Infinity Store, a venture under Doorstepshoppee Services Pvt. Ltd. Aim to facilitate student needs, the infinity store is an in-house stationery stores in educational institute. The student friendly store meets customized needs of the various courses. The stationery also offers photocopying and printing facilities for students.
Text books, reference books, journals, laboratory manuals and other necessary equipment for practical sessions are easily accessible to the students. All stationary items and services are made available in the infinity store at reasonable rates. Nowadays challenges can anytime knock the student’s door so they always need something to resolve them. Infinity Store provide every type of stationery and service that are beneficial for a student in an educational institute.


In this venture, Doorstepshoppee Services Private Limited provides almost everything on its featured website!
No need to go anywhere for finding anything, when you have single platform for providing all the information about your city, get your all necessary contacts on single click. Book your Doctor’s or Advocate’s appointments, Find better Coaching Institutes, Schools, Colleges, Universities. Find offers and discounts on Cafes and many more…


It’s a Co-Working Innovation Lab.
It consists of a Lab, in-campus, together with components for EC/EI Branch, system with necessary software for CS/IT, buyers of those software and gadgets, a full time expert of that particular field.
Students from various branches gather and create some projects, which will be submitted to DSPL, and since we have a strong connection with several buyers, we bid it to the highest buyer, and the makers receive royalty for the successful projects they make. Hence, everybody gets benefitted from that.


A social venture for the welfare of students studying in anganbari or village schools where there is no proper Sanitation facility….
Doorstepshoppee Services Private Limited shares 5 percent from the total revenue to dss foundation for the manufacturing of Toilets and urinals in specific places…. Also providing auxiliary staffs for the proper regular cleaning
Hence students, specially girls will not hesitate to go to schools and even some people will get employed for this….